The best password management app for Android OS 2.0+!
Enter your username and password in any app, in any context, in any text field. Tiny Password features its own pattern-locked Input Method Editor (IME) aka keyboard. No need to open or switch between apps to retrieve your credentials using the clipboard, tap once for the menu and select the field you would like to enter.

Fill in passwords on Android to your heart's desire.

Tiny Password uses the native Android pattern lock for security. Forget tediously typing a master password with the virtual keyboard just to look at your passwords. Login quickly and get to your passwords effortlessly.

Import/Export of comma separated value (CSV) files is also supported, making password entry a lot easier. Tiny Password also imports CSVs from KeePass 1.x, LastPass, and plain text files from 1Password.

Get started with a CSV template today!
Tired of reading long lists of passwords to find the one you need? Favicons are here! Tiny Password automatically goes out to the website url configured and grabs the favicon. Browsing through a list of your accounts have never looked so good.

Your username is also displayed on the list screen, in case you have multiple personas.
Dropbox Backup/!
Afraid of losing your passwords? So am I. Tiny Password now supports Dropbox backup and restore. You can now schedule backups so you don't need to remember every time you add/update new passwords.

Dropbox is a cloud storage service that uses SSL for file transmission and AES 256bit encryption for file storage. This way your backup on Dropbox is secure.
Dropbox Remote Wipe. new!
Lose your phone? If you set up Dropbox and remote wipe, all you have to do is login to Dropbox, modify the /Dropbox/TinyPassword/remote_wipe.txt file with your configured passphrase, and Tiny Password will back up your database in the same folder and wipe out all the Tiny Password data on your device. You must have matching patterns to import the database file afterwards. Your data is now backed up, and Tiny Password on your lost phone behaves like a brand new copy.
All usernames and passwords are stored using AES 128bit encryption. Better yet, the encryption key is based on the pattern you drew, almost guaranteeing the signature is not human readable.
* One tap and drag to login, one long press to copy and access webpage.
"Beautiful, functional, and user-friendly. All you could ask for."
To purchase the app, please head to the Android Market on your Android phone and search for "Tiny Password". If you have a barcode scanner, scan the QR code to the left and open with your browser.

Please check to see if paid software is currently supported in your country.
Need Help?
To explore and learn about how to use the application, please consult the User Manual. If you have additional questions, please email Tiny Couch for support.

If you encounter any bugs, have any questions or comments about Tiny Password, please email Tiny Couch for support.

See the latest version 1.65 release notes.