Light Meter in your pocket for Android OS 2.0+
Recently discover the joy of shooting a vintage film camera that doesn't have a light meter? If you don't want to carry around a separate light meter and notebook to log your settings for reference, Tiny Light Meter is the perfect companion.

Please see if your phone is compatible.
Read ambient light.
Use your phone's camera to measure the light levels. Tiny Light Meter will take a quick snap of the scene and calculate the exposure you need for your camera. Adjust the aperture or ISO* dial and watch the shutter speed adjust itself to the correct metered exposure.

*If you're shooting film, it's likely it's only going to be the aperture. Unless you are cool and shoot with multiple bodies or backs with different film speeds :)
Preview exposure.
Not sure what it would look like if you pushed the exposure a stop? Exposure compensation is built right in.* Preview the brightness of the exposure before you take it with your film camera.
*If supported by your phone camera.
Zoom in either optically or digitally. In terms of metering for light levels, there's no difference. Get the correct exposure if the scene is really dark and you need to expose for a bright spot. Zoom all the way and use exposure compensation to get an accurate reading.
*If supported by your phone camera.
Log your film settings.
Tiny Light Meter will log your exposure settings if you wish. Since you can't exactly record EXIF data into your film, you need somewhere to write it down. No need to carry around a notebook anymore, Tiny Light Meter can record exposure information about each of your shots, organized by rolls of film, and saved in CSV format! Now you can get your film developed and analyze your exposure information to see how you did.

X marks each frame that has data recorded.
Unfortunately Tiny Light Meter does not work on all Android phones. Your phone must write exposure information in the JPEGs in order to get an accurate reading. Upon metering, Tiny Light Meter will tell you if your phone is compatible. If it is not, please make sure to get a refund, or email Tiny Couch with your order number with the model of your phone to get a refund.

Please refrain from giving low ratings if your phone is not compatible. Instead, please contact your phone manufacturer and try to convince them to embed exposure data in their JPEG Exifs!

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To purchase the app, please head to the Android Market on your Android phone and search for "Tiny Light Meter". If you have a barcode scanner, scan the QR code to the left and open with your browser.

Please check to see if paid software is currently supported in your country.
Need Help?
To explore and learn about how to use the application, please consult the User Manual. If you have additional questions, please email Tiny Couch for support.

If you encounter any bugs, have any questions or comments about Tiny Light Meter, please email Tiny Couch for support.

See the latest version 1.09 release notes.

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